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State Supreme Courts

The state supreme court is the highest state court in the U.S. state court system.  The state supreme courts are known by various names in the states.  State supreme courts primary responsibility consists of correcting the errors of the inferior state courts.  It exclusively hears appeals on legal issues from inferior state courts.  Since it does not make any finding of facts, it holds no trials.  In rare instances where the state supreme court finds that a trial court made any egregious error in its finding of facts, the state supreme court shall remand such case before it to the trial court for a fresh trial.

State supreme courts have a panel of judges appointed as per rules outlined by each state constitution.

State supreme court’s interpretation of any state law is generally final and binding to both state and federal courts.  Federal courts may overrule a state supreme court decision only when there is a federal question which springs up a federal jurisdiction.  An appeal from any state supreme court decision concerning matters of federal jurisdiction shall directly lie to the supreme court of the U.S. State supreme courts exercise both mandatory and discretionary review of appeals from trial courts.

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