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Vermont Supreme Court

The Vermont Supreme Court is the court of last resort for the State of Vermont.  The composition of this court is provided in Section 29 of Vermont Constitution.  The Court is composed of five Justices: a Chief Justice and four Associate Justices.   The Supreme Court Justices are appointed by the Governor of Vermont with confirmation by the Vermont Senate.  Justices are chosen by the commission-selection and political appointment method of judicial selection.  Justices serve six-year terms, after which they must be retained by a majority vote of the general assembly.  The Supreme Court has appellate jurisdiction in all cases, criminal, family, civil and appellate procedure as specified in rules not inconsistent with law.  Additionally, the Vermont Supreme Court has the responsibility of administering the Court system, must admit all attorneys in the state to practice law, and is the disciplinary authority for judicial officers and attorneys.

Basically Vermont Supreme Court performs five functions:

  • Hears final appeals from all cases originating in state Courts and from certain administrative agency proceedings
  • Establishes rules of civil, criminal, family and appellate procedure
  • Administers the Court system
  • Admits attorneys to practice
  • Serves as the disciplinary authority for all judicial officers and attorneys

Vermont Supreme Court Website:

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