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Minnesota Supreme Court

The highest court of justice in Minnesota is the Minnesota Supreme Court.  The Supreme Court consists of seven judges, which includes the Chief Judge and six associate judges.  The number of associate judges can be increased to eight, depending on the legislature’s desires.

The Supreme Court has both original and appellate jurisdiction.  Original jurisdiction is exercised in all remedial cases stated by law.  Appellate jurisdiction can be exercised over any case in the lower courts.  However, the Supreme Court does not conduct jury trials.  The Supreme Court performs administrative functions over the state courts and recommends improvements to the Minnesota judiciary. 

Apart from the judges, there are some essential officers such as the Court Clerk, Reporter, State Law librarian and other employees appointed to the Supreme Court.  These officers assist judges and enable the smooth functioning of the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court judges are required to be well versed in law.  All judges and court officers are paid monthly compensation which is prescribed by law, and the compensation can not be diminished during the office term.  Supreme Court judges hold office for a period of six years.  The judges are elected as stipulated by law.

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