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Michigan Supreme Court

Michigan Supreme Court is the highest Court in the state of Michigan.  The Supreme Court is Michigan’s Court of last resort.  The composition of Justices in the Supreme Court is prescribed in Article VI, Section 2 of the Michigan Constitution.  The Court consists of seven Justices.  They are nominated by political parties and are elected on a nonpartisan ballot as provided by law.  The term of office shall be eight years.  The Supreme Court candidates must be qualified electors.  They must have practiced law in Michigan for at least five years.  At the time of election for Justices their age must be below 70 years.  Every two years, the Justices of the Court elect a member of the Court as Chief Justice.

Pursuant to Article VI, Section 4 of the Michigan Constitution, the Supreme Court shall have general superintending control over all Courts.  The Court has the power to issue, hear and determine prerogative and remedial writs.  The Supreme Court has appellate jurisdiction as provided in the rules of Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court also hears cases of attorney and judicial misconduct, as well as a small number of matters over which the Court has original jurisdiction.  The Supreme Court is assisted by the State Court Administrative Office, an agency of the Court, to oversee the operations of all state trial courts.  The Supreme Court shall not have the power to remove a Judge.  The Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission is created under Article 6, Section 30 of the Michigan Constitution.  This is an agency within the Judiciary, which has jurisdiction over allegations of judicial misconduct, misbehavior, and infirmity.

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