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Montana Supreme Court

The Montana Supreme Court is the highest court of Montana Judiciary.  The Supreme Court consists of one Chief Justice and four Justices.[i]  The legislature, when required may increase the number of Justices to six.  Supreme Court Justices hold that position for a period of eight years.  They are paid salaries which are fixed by law and which shall not be diminished during the period of office.[ii]  All Justices must have been residence of Montana for the two years immediately preceding their appointment.  The Justices shall not hold any other office of profit, and they shall not practice or engage in the practice of law during their service as Justices.[iii]

The Supreme Court has both appellate and original jurisdiction.  It issues, hears and determines appropriate writs.  It exercises original jurisdiction over habeas corpus writs and other writs as stated by law.  The Supreme Court has supervisory authority over all courts of the state.  The Supreme Court determines and lays down rules relating to appellate and other court procedure, practice and bar admission rules and members’ conduct rules.[iv]

 Montana Supreme Court Website:

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