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Connecticut Supreme Court

The Connecticut Supreme Court is the highest court in the State of Connecticut.  The Court is composed of a Chief Justice and six Associate Justices.  The Justices of the Supreme Court are appointed by the General Assembly, upon nomination by the Governor, for a term of eight years.

The Connecticut Supreme Court is located in Hartford.  It generally holds eight sessions of two to three weeks per year, with one session each September through November and January through May.

The Supreme Court is empowered to review decisions made in the Superior Court in order to determine if any errors of law have been committed.  Additionally, the Supreme Court also reviews selected decisions of the Appellate Court.

Generally, the Supreme Court does not hear witness testimony or receive evidence.  The Supreme Court decisions are based on the record of lower court proceedings including the briefs used and oral argument transcripts.

State law specifies the types of appeals that may be brought directly to the Supreme Court from the Superior Court.  These cases include:

  1. decisions where the Superior Court has invalidated a provision of the state constitution or a state statute, and
  2. convictions of capital felonies.

In both these cases, the matter bypasses the Appellate Court.  All other appeals are brought to the Appellate Court.

The Connecticut Supreme Court may transfer to itself any matter filed in the Appellate Court, and may agree to review decisions of the Appellate Court through a process called certification.  The Supreme Court may transfer any matter pending before it to the Appellate Court, except for matters brought under its original jurisdiction as defined by the State Constitution.

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