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Indiana Supreme Court

The Indiana Supreme Court is the highest Court in the State of Indiana.  The Indiana Supreme Court is composed of a Chief Justice and not less than four or more than eight Associate Justices.  A majority of the Justices form a quorum.

The Chief Justice of the State is selected by the Judicial Nominating Commission from the members of the Supreme Court and he/she shall retain that office for a period of five years, subject to reappointment in the same manner.
The Chief Justice of the State shall appoint such persons, as the General Assembly by law may provide, for the administration of his office.  The Chief Justice prepares and submits to the General Assembly regular reports on the condition of the courts and such other reports as may be requested.

Article 7, Section 4 of the Indiana Constitution provides for jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.  The Supreme Court has no original jurisdiction except in matters regarding:

  1. admission to the practice of law;
  2. discipline or disbarment of those admitted to the practice of law;
  3. the unauthorized practice of law;
  4. discipline, removal and retirement of justices and judges;
  5. supervision of the exercise of jurisdiction by the other courts of the State; and
  6. issuance of writs necessary or appropriate in aid of its jurisdiction.

An appeal from a judgment imposing sentence of death is taken directly to the Supreme Court.  The Supreme Court shall exercise appellate jurisdiction under such terms and conditions as specified by rules.  In all appeals of criminal cases, the Supreme Court has power to review all questions of law and to review and revise the sentence imposed.

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