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Iowa Supreme Court

Iowa Supreme Court is the highest Court in the State of Iowa.  The Supreme Court is composed of three Judges, two of whom shall constitute a quorum to hold Court. Terms of Supreme Court Judges shall be not less than eight years.  Justices are appointed by the Governor from a list of nominees submitted by the State Judicial Nominating Commission.  The Iowa Supreme Court holds its regular sessions in Des Moines.

Iowa Supreme Court does not preside over trials.  The Court is the constitutional head of the Iowa Judicial Branch.  Opinions of the Iowa Supreme Court are binding on all other Iowa state courts.

Article V, Section 4 of the Iowa Constitution prescribes the jurisdiction of the Iowa Supreme Court.  The Supreme Court has appellate jurisdiction only in cases in chancery, and shall constitute a court for the correction of errors at law, under any restrictions prescribed by the General Assembly.  Additionally, the Supreme Court has the power to issue all writs and processes necessary to secure justice to parties.  The Supreme Court exercises a supervisory and administrative control over all inferior judicial tribunals, judicial officers and court employees throughout the state.

The Supreme Court, under Article V, Section 10 of the Iowa Constitution, holds the power to retire judges for disability and to discipline or remove them for good cause, upon application by a commission on judicial qualifications.

The Iowa Supreme Court has the exclusive power to admit persons to practice as attorneys in the courts of Iowa.  The Supreme Court also prescribes rules to supervise attorney conduct, and to discipline attorneys.  The Court is responsible for promulgating rules of procedure and practice used throughout the state courts.

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