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Missouri Supreme Court

The Missouri Supreme Court is the highest court of the Missouri state judiciary.  It consists of seven judges.  The judges of the Supreme Court elect one among them as the Chief Judge of the court.  The Chief Judge shall also be the chief administrative officer of the judiciary.  Supreme Court is situated in Jefferson City.  All the other courts in Missouri is bound by the decisions of the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court exercises special appellate jurisdiction over all cases relating to:

  • US treaties and statutes, or state constitutional provisions,
  • interpretation of state revenue laws,
  • title to any state offices,
  • death penalty cases.

In addition, the Supreme Court exercises certain administrative powers.  The Supreme Court has superintending control over all lower court,s and it delegates appropriate powers to all the courts.  The Supreme Court has the power to transfer judges from one court to another based on the requirement.

Judicial Branch of State Government

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