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Delaware Supreme Court

The Delaware Supreme Court is the highest court in the State of Delaware.  The Supreme Court is composed of a Chief Justice and four Justices who are nominated by the Governor and confirmed by the Delaware State Senate.  The Justices are appointed for 12-year terms.  The Delaware Supreme Court has three locations in three Counties:

  1. Wilmington, New Castle County
  2. Dover, Kent County, and
  3. Georgetown, Sussex County.

The Delaware Supreme Court is the sole Appellate Court in the State of Delaware.

The Supreme Court has appellate jurisdiction over direct appeals from the Superior Court, Family Court, and Court of Chancery.  The Supreme Court’s jurisdiction over appeals from final orders is mandatory because it is the only Appellate Court in the state.  However, it has discretionary jurisdiction over appeals from interlocutory orders.

The Court has final appellate jurisdiction in criminal cases in which the sentence exceeds certain minimums, in civil cases as to final judgments and for certain other orders of the Court of Chancery, the Superior Court, and the Family Court.

The Supreme Court has discretionary jurisdiction to issue writs of prohibition, quo warranto, certiorari, mandamus or to accept appeals of certain non-final orders or certified questions.

In addition, the Court has exclusive jurisdiction and regulates matters concerning the admission and discipline of lawyers, the Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection, continuing legal education requirements, and the unauthorized practice of law.

Constitutionally, the Chief Justice is the Chief Administrative Officer of the entire Delaware judicial system and has the responsibility for securing funding for the courts from the Delaware General Assembly.

Delaware Supreme Court

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