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Idaho Supreme Court

The Idaho Supreme Court is the highest court in the State of Idaho.  It is composed of a Chief Justice and four Associate Justices.  The Justices of the Supreme Court are elected by the electors of the state at large. The term of office of the Justices of the Supreme Court is six years.  The Chief Justice is selected from among the Justices of the Supreme Court by a majority vote of the Justices.  The Chief Justice is appointed for a term of four years. The Chief Justice is the executive head of the judicial system of the State.

The Justices of the Supreme Court shall, immediately after the first election, be selected by lot, so that one shall hold his office for the term of two years, one for the term of four years, and one for the term of six years. The lots are drawn by the Justices of the Supreme Court.

Article V, Section 9 of the Idaho Constitution provides for the jurisdiction of the Idaho Supreme Court.  The Supreme Court has jurisdiction to review, upon appeal:

  1. any decision of the District Courts, or the Judges thereof,
  2. any order of the Public Utilities Commission, and
  3. any order of the Industrial Accident Board,

The Legislature provides the conditions of appeal, scope of appeal, and procedure on appeal from orders of the Public Utilities Commission and of the Industrial Accident Board.  The Supreme Court is limited to a review of questions of law.

In addition to the appellate jurisdiction, the Supreme Court exercises original jurisdiction to issue writs of mandamus, certiorari, prohibition, and habeas corpus, and all writs necessary or proper to the complete exercise of its appellate jurisdiction. Pursuant to Article V, Section 10 of the Idaho Constitution, the Supreme Court has original jurisdiction to hear claims against the state, but the decision in this regard is merely recommendatory.  The Court cannot issue any process in the nature of execution.  The Court’s recommendation is reported to the next session of the Legislature.

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