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Arkansas Supreme Court

The Arkansas Supreme Court is the highest court in the state of Arkansas. The State’s Supreme Court is composed of a Chief Justice and six Associate Justices. All seven Justices are elected in a non-partisan election for eight-year-long terms that are staggered so that the entire court would not be replaced in a single election.

Section 2 (D) of Amendment 80 to the Arkansas Constitution dictates the jurisdiction of Arkansas Supreme Court.  By virtue of this provision the Supreme Court has have State-wide appellate jurisdiction. 

 The Arkansas Supreme Court exercises Original jurisdiction over the following:

  1. to issue writs of quo warranto to all persons holding judicial office, and to officers of political corporations when the question involved is the legal existence of such corporations;
  2. to answer questions of state law certified by a court of the United States, which may be exercised pursuant to Supreme Court rule;
  3. to determine sufficiency of state initiative and referendum petitions and proposed constitutional amendments; and
  4. on such other original jurisdiction as provided by this Constitution.

The Supreme Court also has the power to issue and determine any and all writs that are necessary in support of its jurisdiction.  The Court can delegate the power to issue such writs to its justices.
Amendment 28 to the Arkansas Constitution provides the Arkansas Supreme Court with the power to make rules regulating the practice of law and the professional conduct of attorneys at law. 

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