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Wyoming Supreme Court

The Wyoming Supreme Court is the highest Court in the state of Wyoming. and is the appellate Court of last resort in the state.  The Court is composed of a Chief Justice and four Associate Justices.  Each Justice is appointed by the Governor of Wyoming, by a nominating commission system, for an eight-year term.  Chief Justice is selected from among the Justices.  The person who is chosen as Chief Justice serves for four years.  A majority of the Justices constitute a quorum, and a concurrence of a majority of such quorum shall be sufficient to decide any matter.  Qualifications for Judges are listed in Article 5, Section 8 of the Wyoming Constitution.  To be a qualified Judge one must be learned in law and have at least have nine years of experience in practicing law.  A supreme court justice must be at least thirty years of age and a citizen of the United States.

The Wyoming Supreme Court has general appellate jurisdiction as prescribed by law in Article 5, Section 2 of the Wyoming Constitution.  The Court’s appellate jurisdiction is co-extensive with the state, in both civil and criminal causes.  The Court has general superintending control over all inferior courts.  Furthermore, in Article 5, Section 3 of the Wyoming Constitution, the Supreme Court has original jurisdiction in quo warranto and mandamus as to all state officers, and in habeas corpus.  The Supreme Court shall also have power to issue writs of mandamus, review, prohibition, habeas corpus, certiorari, and other writs necessary and proper to the complete exercise of its appellate and revisory jurisdiction.  Each Justice has the power to issue writs of habeas corpus to any part of the state upon petition on behalf of a person held in actual custody.

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