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Illinois Supreme Court

The Illinois Supreme Court is the highest judicial Court in the State of Illinois.  The Supreme Court is composed of seven Judges, out of which three are selected from the First Judicial District and one from each of the other Judicial Districts.  Four judges constitute a quorum and the concurrence of four is necessary for a decision.  The Supreme Court Judges select a Chief Justice from among themselves to serve for a term of three years.  The term of office of the Supreme Court Judges is ten years.

The jurisdiction of the Supreme Court is provided in Article VI, Section 4 of the Illinois Constitution.  By this authority, the Supreme Court exercises original jurisdiction in cases relating to revenue, mandamus, prohibition or habeas corpus and as may be necessary to the complete determination of any case on review.
Appeals from judgments of Circuit Courts imposing a sentence of death directly go to the Supreme Court as a matter of right. 

Appeals from the Appellate Court to the Supreme Court is a matter of right if:

  1. a question under the Constitution of the United States or of Illinois State arises for the first time in and as a result of the action of the Appellate Court, or
  2. a division of the Appellate Court certifies that a case decided by it involves a question of such importance that the case should be decided by the Supreme Court.

Illinois Supreme Court has the power to provide by rule for appeals from the Appellate Court in other cases.  Along with the State Legislature, the Supreme Court promulgates court rules for the state as a whole.  Members of the Supreme Court have the authority to elevate trial Judges to the Appellate Court on a temporary basis.  The Supreme Court administers professional discipline through the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Committee.  The Supreme Court governs initial licensing through the Illinois Board of Admissions to the Bar.

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