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Georgia Supreme Court

The Georgia Supreme Court is the highest Court in the State of Georgia.  The Georgia Supreme Court is composed of nine Justices who shall elect from among themselves a Chief Justice as the chief presiding and administrative officer of the court.

The Supreme Court is a court of review and exercises exclusive appellate jurisdiction in the following cases under Article VI, Section VI, Para. II of the Constitution of Georgia:

  1. All cases involving the construction of a treaty or of the Constitution of the State of Georgia or of the United States and all cases in which the constitutionality of a law, ordinance, or constitutional provision has been drawn in question; and
  2. All cases of election contest.

In addition, the Supreme Court has general appellate jurisdiction, under VI, Section VI, Para. III of the Constitution of Georgia, in the following classes of cases:

  1. Cases involving title to land;
  2. All equity cases;
  3. All cases involving wills;
  4. All habeas corpus cases;
  5. All cases involving extraordinary remedies;
  6. All divorce and alimony cases;
  7. All cases certified to it by the Court of Appeals; and
  8. All cases in which a sentence of death was imposed or could be imposed.

The Supreme Court is authorized to answer any question of law from any state appellate or federal district or appellate Court.  The Supreme Court has the power to review by certiorari, cases in the Court of Appeals which are of gravity or great public importance.

The decisions of the Georgia Supreme Court are binding on all other lower courts in Georgia as precedents.

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