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Nebraska Supreme Court

The Nebraska Supreme Court is the highest court of the Nebraska judiciary.  There are seven judges in the Supreme Court including a Chief Justice.[i]  The Supreme Court exercises jurisdiction in all cases in connection with state revenue, civil cases where the state is a party, mandamus, quo warranto, habeas corpus, state officer election other than members of the legislature, and appellate jurisdiction as stated by law.[ii]

Legislature has divided Nebraska into six equal judicial districts based on the population, and they are called the Supreme Court judicial districts. After every federal decennial census legislature may sometimes redistrict.[iii]

Decisions in Supreme Court cases are made by the concurrence of a majority.  A majority of five is required when declaring a legislature unconstitutional.[iv]  Whenever necessary, the Supreme Court may appoint district or appellate judges to act as Supreme Court judges.  

The Supreme Court has the power to appoint the required number of officers and staff of the court.  The Supreme Court presents a budget in every session of the legislature, which shows the average expenses of the court.[v]

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