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Mississippi Supreme Court

Mississippi Supreme Court is the highest court in Mississippi.  The Supreme Court consists of nine Judges.  A quorum of judges is required for the Supreme Court to function.  Any five judges together constitute to become a quorum.  The legislature has divided the state into three judicial districts, and these judges are elected from their respective districts by qualified electors in a manner stated by law.

Supreme Court is the highest court of final resort among the state courts.  It has appellate jurisdiction over cases from Chancery, Circuit and County Courts and of the Court of Appeals.  Direct appeal is preferred to the Supreme Court on certain type of cases: bond issues, annexations, constitutional issues, death penalty cases, disciplinary matters involving attorneys and judges, election contests, certified questions from federal court, utility rates, first impression cases and issues of broad public interest.  The Supreme Court decisions are made in concurrence of the majority.

Judges of the Supreme Court are appointed for a period of eight years. In order to be eligible to be appointed as judges of Supreme Court, the candidate should be of at lease 30 years, and should have been a citizen of Mississippi, and a practicing attorney for past five years immediately preceding the appointment.

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