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Wisconsin Supreme Court

The Wisconsin Supreme Court is the highest appellate Court in the state of Wisconsin.  The Court has seven Justices who are elected in state-wide, non-partisan elections.  Justices are elected for a term of ten years.  In case of vacancy, the Governor has power to appoint an individual to that post.  Only one Justice may be elected in any year.  Any four justices shall constitute a quorum for the conduct of the Court’s business.  The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is the administrative head of the judicial system and exercises this administrative authority pursuant to procedures adopted by the Supreme Court. The Chief Justice may assign any Judge of a court of record to aid in the proper disposition of judicial business in any court of record except the Supreme Court.

Pursuant to Article VII, Section 3 of the Wisconsin Constitution, the Wisconsin Supreme Court has appellate jurisdiction over all courts and may hear original actions and proceedings.  The Supreme Court may also issue all writs necessary in aid of its jurisdiction.  Supreme Court has the power to review judgments and orders of the Court of Appeals.  It can also remove cases from the Court of Appeals and may accept cases on certification by the Court of Appeals.  Additionally, the Supreme Court has superintending and administrative authority over all courts.

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