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North Dakota Supreme Court

The North Dakota Supreme Court is the highest court of law in the state of North Dakota.  The Supreme Court has five justices, one of whom is chosen to become Chief Justice.  A majority of the Judges of the Supreme Court is  necessary to constitute a quorum or to pronounce a decision.

The Supreme Court has appellate jurisdiction meaning it may hear appeals from decisions of lower courts.  The Supreme Court also possesses original jurisdiction with authority to issue, hear, and determine writs.  The Supreme Court has authority to issue rules of procedures, including appellate procedures that are to be followed by all the courts of the state of North Dakota.  The Court also has authority to issue rules and regulations for the admission to practice, conduct, disciplining, and disbarment of attorneys at law.

The Justices of the Supreme Court are chosen by the electors of the state for a ten year term.  A justice is elected every two years.  They hold office until their successors are qualified.  While in office, the compensation of the Supreme Court justices shall not be diminished.

The Chief Justice is the administrative head of the judicial system.  The Chief Justice may assign Judges, including retired Judges, for temporary duty in any court or district.  The Chief Justice also appoints court administrators.

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