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Utah Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Utah is the court of last resort in the State of Utah.  The Supreme Court is the highest court and consists of at least five justices.  This includes a Chief Justice, an associate Chief Justice, and three Justices.  All Justices are appointed by the governor of Utah, with confirmation by the Utah Senate.  The number of Justices may be changed by statute, but no change shall have the effect of removing a justice from office.  A Chief Justice shall be selected from among the justices of the Supreme Court as provided by statute.  The justices elect a chief justice by majority vote to serve for four years, and an associate chief justice to serve for two years.  Pursuant to Article VIII, Section 3 of the Utah Constitution, the Supreme Court has original jurisdiction to answer questions of state law certified from Federal Courts and to issue extraordinary writs.  The Court has appellate jurisdiction to hear first degree and capital felony convictions from the District Court and civil judgments apart from domestic cases.  It also reviews formal administrative proceedings of the Public Service Commission, School and Institutional Trust Lands Board of Trustees, Tax Commission, Board of Oil, Gas, and Mining, and the State Engineer.  The Supreme Court also has jurisdiction over judgments of the Court of Appeals by writ of certiorari, proceedings of the Judicial Conduct Commission, and both constitutional and election questions.  The Supreme Court also adopts rules of civil and criminal procedure and rules of evidence for use in state Courts and manages the appellate process.  The Court also governs the practice of law, including admission to practice law and the conduct and discipline of lawyers.

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