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New Hampshire Supreme Court

New Hampshire Supreme Court is the highest court in the New Hampshire Judicial system.  It has a Chief Justice and four associate judges.  The Judges hold their office for a lifetime, provided they are not impeached for misconduct.[i]

The Supreme Court exercises original jurisdiction over writs.  It can issue writs of certiorari, prohibition, habeas corpus and other writs.  Supreme Court reviews appeals from State trial courts and administrative agencies.  Supreme Court interprets state and federal constitution, and case law and statutes and administration of courts; it also rectifies errors in lower court proceedings.  There are two types of appeals preferred to Supreme Court, mandatory and discretionary appeal.  Mandatory appeal is where an appeal is preferred from the lower court on time.  When the appeal is preferred on time it is mandatory for the court to accept the case.  Discretionary appeal is where the Supreme Court can decide whether to accept the case.[ii]

The Chief Justice is the administrative head of all courts.  The Chief Justice in agreement with the other judges can make appropriate rules and procedures to be followed by all courts.

New Hampshire Courts Website:

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[ii] New Hampshire Judicial Branch

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