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Supreme Court Clerks Office

The Supreme Court has four statutory officers and the Court Clerk is one of them.  The other three statutory officers are the Marshal, the Librarian, and the Reporter of Decisions.

Huge numbers of cases are filed in Supreme Court. The Court Clerk’s office maintains the records of the filing, and filing procedure.  The Clerk’s office keeps the Supreme Court records and dockets.  Apart from the above, the Court Clerk collects certain amount such as fees, costs, and other related court income, and pays it to Treasury.  The Court Clerk prepares and submits annual returns of the amounts thus collected to the Supreme Court.  The Court Clerk is appointed by the Supreme Court, and the Clerk’s compensation is fixed by the Supreme Court.   The Supreme Court has the power to remove the Court Clerk.  The Court Clerk’s office consists of: Deputy Clerks, Assistants, and Messengers.  The Deputy Clerks are appointed, and their compensations are fixed by the Supreme Court.  There may be one or more Deputy Clerks, based on the need.  The Court clerk has the power to remove the deputy clerks with Supreme Court’s or the Chief Justice’s approval.  Likewise, the Court Clerk also can fix their compensation.  The Court Clerk, with approval of the Chief Justice, can appoint and fix the required compensations for the Assistants, and Messengers.

The Court Clerk is to be distinguished from law Clerks.  Unlike the Court Clerk, the law clerks are involved in assisting Justices in making the case decisions.


Inside Supreme Court Clerks Office