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Federal Judicial Center

The Federal Judicial Center is the research and education agency for the federal courts of the United States.  It was established by an Act of Congress in 1967, on the recommendation of the Judicial Conference of the United States.

The main duties of the Federal Judicial Center include:

  • conducting and promoting orientation and continuing education and training for federal judges, court employees, and others;
  • developing recommendations about the operation and study of federal courts; and
  • conducting and promoting research on federal judicial procedures, court operations, and history.

The Chief Justice of the United States is ex officio Chair of the Federal Judicial Center’s board.  The Board also includes the director of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts and seven judges elected by the Judicial Conference.  The Board appoints the Center’s Director and Deputy Director.  It is the Director who then appoints the Center’s staff.  The Director’s Office is responsible for the Center’s overall management and its relations with other organizations.  Its Systems Innovation & Development Office provides technical support for the Center’s education and research program.  The Communications Policy and Design wing edits, produces, and distributes all Center print and electronic publications, operates the Federal Judicial Television Network, and with the aid of the Information Services Office maintains a specialized library collection of materials on judicial administration.

The Education Division of the Federal Judicial Center plans and produces educational programs, services, and resources for judges and nonjudicial court personnels.  The Research Division, at the request of either the Judicial Conference or its committees, the courts, or other groups in the federal system undertake research programs on federal judicial processes, court management, and sentencing and its consequences.  The Federal Judicial History Office develops programs relating to the history of the judicial branch and assists courts with their own judicial history programs.  The Interjudicial Affairs Office provides information about federal courts to officials of foreign judicial systems and acquires information about foreign judicial systems.


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