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Signers of the US Constitution

On September 17, 1787, the delegates of the Constitutional Convention met to sign the document they had created to replace the Articles of Confederation.  Of the 55 people who attended the Convention, only 39 signed on the document. Some left as the Convention progressed, whereas others refused to sign in protest.  Since Rhode Island refused to send a delegate, no representative from Rhode Island signed the document.  In addition to the 39 delegates, the convention’s secretary William Jackson also signed the document, not as a delegate, but in attestation of the document’s signing.

The Constitution was finally adopted by the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, and later ratified by special conventions in each of the then-existing thirteen American states.  Today, the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the United States of America. 

The 39 delegates who signed the Constitution on September 17, 1787, and the states they represented were as follows:

  1. Washington, George, Virginia
  2. Franklin, Benjamin, Pennsylvania
  3. Madison, James, Virginia Hamilton, Alexander, New York
  4. Morris, Gouverneur, Pennsylvania 
  5. Morris, Robert, Pennsylvania
  6. Wilson, James, Pennsylvania
  7. Pinckney, Chas. Cotesworth, South Carolina
  8. Pinckney, Chas, South Carolina
  9. Rutledge, John, South Carolina
  10. Butler, Pierce, South Carolina
  11. Sherman, Roger, Connecticut
  12. Johnson, William Samuel, Connecticut
  13. McHenry, James, Maryland
  14. Read, George, Delaware
  15. Bassett, Richard, Delaware
  16. Spaight, Richard Dobbs, North Carolina
  17. Blount, William, North Carolina
  18. Williamson, Hugh, North Carolina
  19. Jenifer, Daniel of St. Thomas, Maryland
  1. King, Rufus, Massachusetts
  2. Gorham, Nathaniel, Massachusetts  
  3. Dayton, Jonathan, New Jersey
  4. Carroll, Daniel, Maryland
  5. Few, William, Georgia
  6. Baldwin, Abraham, Georgia
  7. Langdon, John, New Hampshire
  8. Gilman, Nicholas, New Hampshire
  9. Livingston, William, New Jersey
  10. Paterson, William, New Jersey
  11. Mifflin, Thomas, Pennsylvania 
  12. Clymer, George, Pennsylvania 
  13. FitzSimons, Thomas, Pennsylvania 
  14. Ingersoll, Jared, Pennsylvania   
  15. Bedford, Gunning, Jr., Delaware
  16. Brearley, David, New Jersey
  17. Dickinson, John, Delaware
  18. Blair, John, Virginia
  19. Broom, Jacob, Delaware

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