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Vermont State Legislature

The Vermont Legislative Assembly is the highest legislative body of the State.  The State of Vermont has a bicameral legislature.  It is comprised of the Senate and the House of Representatives.  The laws formulated by the Assembly are subject to the Governor’s veto power.  The legislature can override the veto if there is a two-third majority in each house favoring the overriding.

The upper house of the Vermont Legislative Assembly is the Senate.  It consists of 30 members.  They are elected by 13 multi-member districts.  A Senator represents approximately 20,300 citizens.  They are elected for two years.  There is no term limit for the Senate.

The lower house of the Vermont Legislative Assembly is the House of Representatives.  It consists of 150 members.  Each elected member represents approximately 4,100 citizens.  They are also elected for two years without term limits.  The House of Representatives is presided over by the Speaker.

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