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Utah State Legislature

The Utah State Legislature is a bicameral body including the House of Representatives, and the Senate.  The House of Representatives have 75 representatives and the Senate has 29 Senators.  There are no term limits for either chamber.

The State Legislature of Utah assembles at the state capital of Salt Lake City on the third Monday of January every year.  Generally the annual session lasts for 45 days.

The Senators are elected for a span of four years.  The House of Representatives are elected for two years.  In every two years, all State House Districts and half of all State Senate Districts will be up for elections.  The candidate for the Senate or the House of Representative must be a citizen of the United States.  The candidate must be above the age of 25.  Candidates must be a resident of the district for six months prior to voting and an eligible voter in the competing district.

The Governor has the right to convene the Legislature for Special Sessions.  These special sessions cannot exceed 30 calendar days.

The President and the Speaker are elected by the Senate and House of Representatives respectively.  Legislative committees have a vital role in the legislative process.  They serve during the debate and discussion of a bill process.  There are 11 Senate Standing Committees and 15 House Standing Committees.  There  areInterim Committees, also functioning as Standing Committees.

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