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Connecticut State Legislature

The Connecticut General Assembly (or CGA) is the state legislature of Connecticut.  The Connecticut General Assembly is a bicameral legislature.  The Connecticut House of Representatives is composed of 151 members, and the Connecticut Senate consists of 36 members.  Members of the General Assembly serve two-year terms.  However there are no term limits imposed on them.  The Governor can call for a special session after the end of the regular session.  The General Assembly can call for a veto session after the close in order to override gubernatorial vetoes. Unlike a majority of U.S. state legislatures, both the Connecticut House of Representatives and the State Senate vote on the composition to the Connecticut Supreme Court.  The Connecticut General Assembly meets in the state capital, Hartford. 

The Connecticut State Senate is the upper house of the Connecticut General Assembly.  Each Member of the Senate represents a district with around 94,600 inhabitants.  The Connecticut State Senate is one of 14 state legislative upper houses whose members serve two-year terms as opposed to four-year terms.  The Senate has special functions such as confirming or rejecting gubernatorial appointments to the state’s executive departments, the state cabinet, commissions and boards.  The Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut serves as the President of the Senate.  The Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut only casts a vote if required to break a tie.  The President Pro Tempore presides over the Senate in the absence of the Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut.

The Connecticut House of Representatives is the lower house in the Connecticut General Assembly, the state legislature of the U.S. state of Connecticut.  151 members represent an equal amount of districts, with each constituency containing nearly 22,600 residents.  

The Speaker of the House presides over the House of Representatives.  The Speaker controls the flow of legislation and committee assignments.

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