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New Hampshire State Legislature

The legislative body of New Hampshire is called the General Court of New Hampshire.  It is a bicameral house.  The upper house is called the Senate and the lower house is called the House of Representatives.  The New Hampshire General Court is the largest state legislature in the United States.

The Senate consists of 24 members elected from Senate districts.  The Senate districts are formed on the basis of population.  The sessions are held annually from early January to the end of June.  New Hampshire does not have a lieutenant governor.  Therefore, whenever the Governor is unable to perform the office duties, the Senate President serves as acting Governor.

The House of Representatives consists of 400 members.  The House of Representatives consists of 400 members coming from 103 districts across the state created from divisions of the state’s counties each making up about 3,000 residents for every one legislator.   The House of Representatives is headed by the Speaker.

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