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Minnesota State Legislature

The Minnesota state legislature is a bicameral institution.  It is comprised of the Minnesota Senate and the Minnesota House of Representatives.  The Senate is the upper house and the House of Representatives is the lower house.

The Minnesota Senate is comprised of 67 members.  A Senate district will have an “A” house district and a “B” house district.  According to the Minnesota Constitution, a House district should not be within more than one Senate district.  Until 1972, the Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota was the President of the Senate.  In January 1973, the Constitution was amended to provide for the election of the President of the Senate.  Now, the President is elected by a majority of the Senate.

The House of Representatives consists of 134 members.  They are elected from various districts with approximately 36,713 residents.  The members of the House of Representatives are elected for a period of four years.  The House is presided over by the Speaker, elected at the beginning of each legislative session by a majority of members leads the House of Representatives.  He presides over the sessions of the house.  Committee chairs and vice chairs are appointed by the speaker.  He names the committee members.  By virtue of Article IV, Section 18 of the Minnesota Constitution, a tax bill or any other revenue related bill shall originate from the House of Representatives.

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