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Idaho State Legislature

The Idaho state legislature is a bicameral body consisting of an upper and lower house; the upper being the Idaho Senate and the lower being the Idaho House of Representatives.  The Idaho Legislature meets  at the Idaho State Capitol in downtown Boise.  The Legislature meets annually from January until mid-March, although sessions have been known to last into May.  The Governor of Idaho may also call special sessions at any time.

The Idaho Senate is the upper chamber of the Idaho State Legislature.  The Idaho Senate consists of 35 Senators elected to two-year terms, each representing a district of the state.  The President of the Senate is the Lieutenant Governor and, in his absence or inability to serve, the President Pro Tempore presides over the Senate.  The President votes only when the Senate is equally divided, but this restriction only applies to the President and not to the President Pro Tempore or any other Senator who may be in the Chair.  The presiding officer shall never cast more than one vote.

The Idaho House of Representatives is the lower chamber of the Idaho State Legislature. It consists of 70 representatives, two from each district, elected to two-year terms.  The House is presided over by the Speaker.  In the event of the Speaker’s death, resignation, or inability to act between legislative sessions, the House Majority Leader (and in the event of his death, resignation, or inability to act as Speaker, the House Assistant Majority Leader) shall act as Speaker until the next session of the Legislature, at which time a new Speaker shall be elected.

Idaho State Legislature

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