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Arkansas State Legislature

The Arkansas General Assembly is the state legislature of the state of Arkansas.  The legislative branch of the state government is composed of the Arkansas House of Representatives and the Arkansas Senate.  At a minimum, the Arkansas General Assembly convenes in regular session on the second Monday in January of every odd numbered year.  A session lasts for 60 days unless the General Assembly extends it. 

The House of Representatives consists of 100 members.  Members of the House serve a two year term and since 1993, under Amendment 73 to the State’s Constitution the members are prohibited from serving more than three two year terms.  The Speaker of the House presides over the body and is elected by the membership every two years.  The Senate consists of 35 members.  The Senate is presided over by the President.  The members of the Senate are prohibited form serving more than two four year terms.  The General Assembly meets at the State Capitol, Little Rock.

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