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Alabama State Legislature

The Alabama legislature constitutes the legislative branch of the state government of Alabama.  The Alabama legislature consists of two houses, the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The House of Representatives is comprised of 105 members.  Each member represents a district of approximately 40, 000 people.  The members of the House are elected to four year terms.  Members of the House must be 21 at the time of their election, and must have been citizens of Alabama for three years, having lived in their respective districts for at least one year immediately preceding their election.  The Speaker of the House is a member of the house and is elected by the members of the House.  All matters relating to revenue originates in the House as in the Congress of the United States.  A quorum of 53 members is required to conduct business.  A majority of a quorum can pass any bill except a constitutional amendment, which requires 63 votes.  However, an appropriation to a non-government organization such as a private college requires a two-thirds vote of those elected.

The Alabama State Senate is composed of 35 Senators.  The Senate is one-third the size of the House of Representatives.  Each Senator represents a district of approximately 125, 000 Alabamians.  Senators must be at least 25 years of age at the time of their election, must be citizens and residents of the State of Alabama for at least three years, and residents of their district at least one year, prior to election.  Senators are elected for four-year terms.  While the House of Representatives has exclusive power to originate revenue bills, such legislation can be amended and/or substituted by the Senate.

The Governor is required to call a special election to fill a vacancy in either house of the legislature.  The Alabama Legislature has the power to override a veto with a simple majority vote in both houses.  The legislature meets in the Alabama State House in Montgomery.

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