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Ohio Constitution

In 1803, Ohio became the 17th state to join the United States of America.  The Ohio Constitution was adopted by Constitutional Convention on March 10, 1851.  It was ratified by vote of the People on June 17, 1851.  It became effective on September 1, 1851.  The current Ohio Constitution consists of a Preamble and 18 Articles.

The Bill of Rights of the Ohio Constitution is substantially similar to that of Federal Constitution.  The Constitution includes the right to alter, reform or abolish government, the rights of conscience and education and rights for victims of crime.  It also includes a prohibition of imprisonment for debt and the right to payment of damages for wrongful death.

The ways to change the constitution are:

  • initiated constitutional amendments can be used according to Section 1a of Article II,
  • proposal by Ohio State Legislature according to Article XVI, and
  • a constitutional convention

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