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Maine Constitution

Previously, the State of Maine was the District of Maine in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  During October 1819, the Maine Constitutional Convention was held in Portland, Maine.  The Maine Constitution was approved by all 210 delegates to the Constitutional Convention.  The Constitution of the State of Maine established the “State of Maine” in 1820.  The Maine Constitution was approved by Congress on March 4,1820.  The Maine Constitution is the fourth-oldest operating state constitution in the United States.  It consists of a Preamble and ten Articles.

Inorder to amend the constitution, the legislature can call a constitutional convention by a 2/3 concurrent vote of both the branches according to Section 15 of Part III of Article IV.  Moreover, a proposed amendment to the constitution can be placed on the statewide ballot on the Tuesday following the first Monday of November after the state legislature acts, according to Section 4 of Article X.

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