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Department of Energy

The United States Department of Energy (DOE) is a government department concerned with policies of the United States relating to energy and safety.  The Department is headed by the United States Secretary of Energy.  The DOE headquarters is located in Washington, D.C.  DOE serves the nation by developing innovations in the field of science and technology and ensuring the safety and security in the use of the nuclear weapons. 

DOE’ s mission is to advance the national, economic, and energy security of the United States; promote and devise scientific and technological innovation to attain its mission; and to ensure the environmental cleanup of the national nuclear weapons complex.  DOE is responsible for the United States nuclear weapons program; energy related research, nuclear reactor production for the United States Navy, energy conservation, radioactive waste disposal, and domestic energy production.    

In furtherance of its mission, the DOE aims to achieve results in areas listed below:

  • Energy Security:  Makes effort to promote America’s energy security through reliable, clean, and affordable energy.
  • Nuclear Security: The Department devises measures to ensure nuclear security in the United States.
  • Scientific Discovery and Innovation:  Enhancing and strengthening research and scientific discover in the United States.  The DOE also encourages innovations in the field of science and technology in order to improve the quality of life of the people of the United States.  
  • Environmental Responsibility:  Protecting the environment by providing a responsible resolution to the environmental legacy of nuclear weapons production.
  • Management Excellence:  Managing programs efficiently to achieve DOE’s mission. 

Presently, the Department operates 24 preeminent research laboratories and facilities, four power marketing administrations, and an energy information administration.  Additionally, DOE manages the environmental cleanup resulting from the nuclear defense activities.   

DOE in conjunction with other agencies of the government and private sector is involved in various joint initiatives to advance its core mission.   Joint initiatives that the DOE is currently involved in are:  

  • Biomass Research & Development Initiative
  • Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum
  • Clean Coal Power Initiative
  • Clean Energy Technology Exports Initiative
  • Climate VISION
  • – Partnerships for Home Energy Efficiency
  • FreedomCAR and Fuel Partnership – Vehicle Technologies Program
  • Generation IV
  • Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative
  • National Actrion Plan for Energy Efficiency
  • Nuclear Power 2010
  • Solar America Cities

Department of Energy

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