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Office of Administration

The Office of Administration department is an executive wing for the general administration of the Executive Office of the President (EOP) of United States.  The Office of Administration was established by Executive Order by the President Jimmy Carter on December 12, 1977.  The Office of Administration was organized by merging the administrative functions of ten units under the Executive Office of the President.

The Director of the Office of Administration supervises the preparation of annual budget request.  The Director represents the Office of Administration before congressional funding panels.

The Office of Administration provides administrative services to all units under the Executive Office of the President.  This office provides direct support services to the President of the United States.  Support services include:

  • financial management and information technology support
  • human resources management
  • library and research assistance
  • facilities management
  • procurement
  • printing and graphics support
  • security, and
  • Office of White House mail and messenger operations

The Facilities Management Division provides appropriate customer service by professional management and maintenance of the available resource space for the Executive Office of President.  The tasks include: Facility Request Program, Space Management, Project Oversight, Conference and Meeting Support, Preservation Stewardship, and Recycling Program Management.

The Preservation Office is a subsidiary of Facilities Management Division.  It preserves the historic and architectural integrity of the EOP properties such as:

  • Managing the restoration and preservation of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building (EEOB), the East and West Wings of the White House, and the Jackson Place Townhouses, among other selected properties.
  • Directing and managing public education programs about the history of the EOP properties.
  • Preserving collections of furniture and fixtures, decorative arts, architectural fragments, prints and drawings, and research files of the EOP, along with managing the receipt of gifts and the loans of materials and furnishings.

Office of Administration Website:

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